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The Rollaway Dog Cafe | A Dog Food Truck in Pittsburgh

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Our Story & Logo

Did you know that our logo features our own dogs? They started our journeys into providing better nutrition for our pets. “Spirit Dog” Brody, (standing on the table on the left) “Spirit Dog” Lucas, (sitting on the ground) and Dylan (standing on table on the right). Brody and Lucas’ memories live on daily through the pets we are fortunate to help. And we get to watch Dylan enjoy his golden years!

The Rollaway Dog Cafe is the brain child of Rae and Brian McStay and their two friends and partners Ann Straub and Maureen Laniewski.  Ann Straub is a former high school biology teacher and immunology researcher for human medicine and disease.  She also earned a degree in Wildlife Biology and studied the integration of wolves into the Yellowstone ecosystem at the University of Montana.  Did you know that the digestive system of a wolf is the same as a dog?!!  Ann quit her day job because her animals were so afflicted by medical issues she decided to reasearch pet nutrtion and health; what was available to pet parents was simply not acceptable. Therefore The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center was born!!!  She has two locations in Harmony, PA and Missoula, MT.

Shortly after the Harmony location opened she met and befriended Maureen who has owned a local pet sitting service All Pet & Home Care operating in the suburbs north of Pittsburgh.  Maureen joins Ann working in the store whenever she can.  As The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center begins to grow the need for a store manager begins to materialize... enter Rae Mcstay.  Rae and her husband Brian bought a food cart years ago with hopes of moving south and opening a healthy food cart.  Rumor has it she makes a pretty mean hummus and guacamole!  Unfortunately for them, those dreams were put on hold.  Fast forward to the summer of 2017.  Rae, Maureen, and Ann were chatting in the store and Rae casually mentions how fun it would be to create a dog food cart.  The rest is history!  

The Rollaway Dog Cafe is two things in one.  It is a food cart for dogs.  We have lots of items your dog can come to our window to order and eat right on the spot.  We are also a pop up store.  Around our cart we stock ourselves with unique take away treats for your dog that you may not find at your local pet store.  What makes us even more unique is there is a how and why nutritionally for anything we are selling at The Rollaway Dog Cafe.  We are passionate about what we do and look forward to serving our best furry friends. 


All Pet And Home Care

We love our sister company All Pet & Home Care for all of your daily dog walking and full service pet sitting needs.  Check out the website below to get more details.  Tell them the cafe sent you!


The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center

Our other sister company, The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center, is a pet food store that will help you optimize your pet's health, happiness, and longevity through natural, species-appropriate nutrition, education, and proactive wellness care.  You will find items from the cart available at the store.